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Best spa in Da Nang Guide – Tipping

An outing to the spa is the result of requiring some truly necessary unwinding time, so we comprehend that when your set of service is finished you are in a condition of inevitable elation from your hot stone massage that is until you are pulled back to reality when the spa front office gives you a tipping envelope. Tipping for beauty & salon medications can cause even the savviest of beauty lovers to pressure since gratuity habits alternate from spa to spa. Do you tip the owner of a salon? Is there an industry standard for nail trims, shouldn’t something be said about service charge bargains? The rundown goes on and one, so we’ve assembled a cheat sheet for you to answer your most squeezing tipping problems. Let’s Sen Boutique Spa – Best spa in Da Nang figure out the gratuity secret in the industry for you who are new with the salon and beauty spa.

best spa in Da Nang

Is there an industry standard tipping rate? 

Regardless of whether it is a nail trim, back rub or mud wrap, the industry standard is 20%. On the off chance that it is your first outing to another salon/spa, try to investigate on whether they possibly acknowledge money tips or potentially on the off chance that they incorporate tip in the administration cost.


Would it be a good idea for me to tip everybody at the salon? 


This specific inquiry is customized to hairdressers, junior beauticians, associates and stylish associates. The standard guideline is to tip every individual who takes a shot at your mane from the pre-cleanser to the last blow-dry. Toward the finish of your administration, you can request a few envelopes and bit out the tips as indicated by level.


What to do when you get a complimentary bang trim? 

In the event that your salon offers a free blast trim, it is as yet acclimated with tip. Contingent upon your association with your beauticians and your salon’s value point, tipping can change. In case of uncertainty, stick to the business standard of 20%.

Should I tip more during the holiday season?

Similar to other service industries, if you have a longstanding relationship with your esthetician, stylist or nail technician, feel free to increase your gratuity to 25-30% during the holiday months.

What if my service is a gift, or I’m using a voucher?

Unless specifically stated, a gifted service does not typically include tip. In regards to vouchers or coupon codes, it is imperative that you tip on the original cost of the service, not the discounted price as this would be unfair to the service provider.

What if I had a bad service?

We understand when a service goes bad, your generosity to leave a tip decreases, so we recommend first sharing your experience with the manager or owner, so they can adjust their practices to accommodate you and future clients better. Additionally, tipping 10% is still recommended.

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