SEN Boutique Spa
1. Weapons, toxicant, explosives, inflammables, drugs, pets and foul-smelling objects are not allowed in the spa and the spa treatment rooms.

2. All of your valuables and money shall be deposited at the reception desk or in the lockers. The spa should not be responsible for any loss or damage of which are not deposited at the Reception or in the lockers.

3. Please do not change rooms, add more person or receive visitors in the room without prior notice to the reception staff.

4. Please do not remove, reposition or bring any equipments out of the spa.

5. Please settle your bill, return the locker key and collect your passport or identity card before leaving the spa.

6. Compensation is required in case you cause any loss or damage to the spa properties during your visit.

7. Do not make noise.

8. SEN Boutique Spa Danang offers a fresh environment and for all guests. DO NOT SMOKE in the room.
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