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Benefits of a Hot Wax Candle Massage – Best Spa in Da Nang

Benefits of a Hot Wax Candle Massage – Advices from Best Spa in Da Nang

A nice massage is always a treat, especially by your loved one. If you are around Da Nang city and far from home, Viet Nam, we are proud to represent to you The Best Spa In Da Nang.

Nevertheless, we still learn what positve effects that candle massage brings you.

Our hot wax massage candles are the perfect way to inject a bit of sensuality back in to your relationship, and get the spa feeling in the comfort of your own home! Moreover, it is nice to know that along side the pleasure of a hot wax massage, there are also surprising natural and health benefits.

Massage candles are also very easy to use, and are a relatively new and increasingly popular way to enjoy the excellent boudoir photography san diego multiple benefits of this ancient therapy. 

Simply light the candle and allow it to burn for ten minutes until a pool of wax forms, then blow out the flame and  wait for a minute or so (some experienced massage therapists use the wax while the candle still burns). 

The wax will be warm but not hot enough to burn the skin. Pour directly from the jar on to the area and work into the skin to create an especially tactile and sensual experience.

Candle Therapy at SEN Boutique Spa – Best Spa & Massage in Danang

All the candles in our range are made from soy bean wax. Soy candles are made from a combination of essential oils, as well as the dominating oil soybean oil (of course). Essential oils are aptly named, and their qualities are endless! They burn a lot more slowly, which means they retain their scent for much longer, creating a long-lasting aroma meaning you’ll be sweet-smelling after your massage! They are renowned for their engaging essence, and most beauty products source their scents from essential oils. 

Not just this, but with a 50% longer burning life than regular candles, your money is well invested! They are also incredibly healthy for the epidermis, meaning your skin will be left feeling incredibly soft, nourished and rejuvenated.

Our massage candles are of a very high quality, and use only natural ingredients; a combination of hydrated soybean wax and essential oils. 

Bamboo massage candles are carefully blended using only the finest pure essential oils and natural plant waxes hughes air co. The ingredients are extremely rich and moisturising so a little goes a long way, and the oil adds a tactile and luxury feel to this warm wax massage; ideal for rubbing into those dry skin areas to replenish and nourish the skin. 

So turn down the lights, set the mood with some relaxing music and enjoy a salon quality massage in your own home!

And if you are around Da Nang city and far from home, Viet Nam, we are proud to represent to you Sen Boutique Spa – The Best Spa In Da Nang.

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