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A omplete guide to find a best massage in Da Nang

One of the first stops in Da Nang city, Vietnam for many travelers is the massage saloon! Getting a massage is a popular activity for tourism here, which is chosen as a great escape from the heat and bustle outside. But what’s the big deal about massage in Viet Nam? Here are some tips for getting a good massage and types of massage you will find in Da Nang. Or just check our site: Sen Boutique Spa – Best Massage in Da Nang.

What is massage in Vietnam?

Massage therapy has existed in Viet Nam for centuries. In the early days, massage establishments were considered as shady businesses where men would go to commit fordication or to simply get away from their wives. In fact, it was considered shameful to be recognized while coming out of such a place. But don’t worry, it seems like not so much the case anymore, so feel free to enjoy good massages here as much you‘d like!

Like other massage in Viet Nam, Massage in Da Nang is influenced mostly form China therapy but has evolved to be unique in that it really focuses on kneading and working out the knots in the muscles. By contrast, Thai massage uses a lot of muscle movement, stretching and moving limbs. To add more confusion to the mix, a foot massage isn’t necessarily a foot massage. Most places will add-in a body massage to some degree. And does reflexology really work? It depends on people whom be asked. But the many foot massage parlours claim it does and can do wonders for your body simply by invigorating pressure on your feet fit athletic. Some parlours will also use hot stones strategically placed at points on your body to stimulate and warm the muscles in the area. Again, does this work? Maybe, but the point is that it feels good. So how do you know which is best massage in Da Nang or spa is right for you? Here’s how…

What you need to know about Massages in Vietnam:

  • Some massage parlors are staffed with scantily clad women who eye potential customers as they walk by (especially in Saigon). These places may not seem like a legitimate spa but most are. They are more like a men’s club where men can get a proper shave, sit in the sauna or lounge in the VIP area, order food and get a massage at the same time
  • Many masseuses offer their services roadside or on the beach in a public setting. These massages tend to be much cheaper than at established spas but for a basic foot massage, it doesn’t get better than this! If you go to a places that specifies that it’s a foot massage spa, the routine and choices are pretty simple. You will be instructed to lay down on a foot massage chair/bed and will be given shorts to change into, although some places don’t require you to change. After that, all you will have to do is simply fall into a state of complete bliss for the duration of your massage!
  • At established spas, the massage menu can be quite lengthy. These spas are usually more expensive as well so it would be hard to find one that offer a 5$ massage. It’s questionable whether a simple foot massage would be that much better at these places than at a dedicated foot massage parlour. The spas are more known for the facials, body scrubs and other spa treatment. 
  • Some words about tipping – many of the men’s club type establishments will demand a hefty tip. For instance, if your service was only 120,000 VND, you may have to pick more than 100,000 VND tips out of your pocket. The reason is that the girls who work their earn solely on commission so a tip is almost expected. Be careful of this as it catches many tourists by surprise. At spas and foot massage parlours, many advertise a price with tip included If it doesn’t state that anywhere, be sure to clarify! This is very important because they will either say that the tip is not necessary or give you a specific number as to how much the minimum tip should be. It is best to publish all of this before you start your massage. Also make sure you bring enough cash to pay for your massage, as many spas do not accept
  • Some words about travel safety in Viet Nam – don’t walk into a spa or massage parlor with a lot of valuable belongings. If a place looks suspicious, it probably is! Go to one of the other 100+ massage establishments in the city. And for our female readers, it’s not uncommon to have a male masseur, especially at foot massage places, but feel free to relax and enjoy the massage as it’s very doubtful that they will make you feel uncomfortable or do anything inappropriate.

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