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Skin Care Tips for Acne From Best Spa In Da Nang – SEN Boutique Spa.

Best Spa In Da Nang – Skin Care Tips for Acne

When it comes to skin care, hard and fast rules can not be applied automatically. The reason is that everyone has unique skin types, skin tones, lifestyles, and genetic histories, which makes it impossible to have a single piece of one-size-fits-all advice. Here at SEN Boutique Spa – one of the best spa in Da Nang, we can give you our experiences of the last years of doing skin care for our customers. Let’s figure out the best tips from the pros to point you in the right direction. They’ve seen it all and won’t recommend it unless it’s backed up by experience and science.

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1. Wash Your Face Daily

The first and most important rule isn’t groundbreaking: Remember to wash your face! Cleansing and treating your skin twice a day is the best way to keep breakouts away. For those emergencies when you’re just too tired to wash your face, keep a stash of face wipes in the drawer of your nightstand. This way if you get home super late and don’t feel like going all the way to the sink, you can still go to bed with clean skin!

2. Use the Right Cleanser

Buying a generic face wash won’t necessarily improve your complexion; for a cleanser to be most effective, you have to pay attention to your skin’s needs and pick the ingredients accordingly. If your skin tends to be oily, choose products with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or glycolic acid. For sensitive skin, look for cleansers with lactic acid or hydrating ingredients like glycerin, which aren’t as drying as those made for oilier types.

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3. Don’t Over-Exfoliate

Scrubbing your face daily with grainy cleansers and exfoliating products can do more harm than good. When done too often, it can cause redness, inflammation, and irritation. Exfoliation should be done with caution, and not more than 2-3 times a week maximum.

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4. Regularly Change Your Face Towel

When you think about it, consistently reaching for your go-to face towel every day is like reusing a dinner napkin over and over again. Using dirty towels can harbor bacteria, and they can even introduce new bacteria to your skin, which may lead to more pimples. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you need to reach for a new towel every single time you wash your face. As long as you’re truly washing off all of your makeup, you can stick to switching out your towels on a weekly basis.

5. Moisturize

 When buying a moisturizer, you are recommended looking for a lightweight, oil-based product that won’t clog your pores. because it’s a great lightweight pH balanced moisturizer you can use in combination with acne topical treatments.

6. And last,  have a good lifestyles

Having a good lifestyles is a good way to have a better skin without acne. Stay away from alcohol and stimulants and get some facial massage sometimes. Facial Massage is a great way to nurture your skin. You can do it yourself at home or go to some spa with the good service that can release your skin from dust, and it can even release your mind and hope you have a better lifestyles.

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